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Automated Batch Retort System(ABRS)

The trend in food processing is to move away from small retort vessels to larger shells to improve efficiency and product safety. Larger vessels imply larger baskets that can’t be handled manually. Large baskets are simply too bulky and too heavy for one person to move around.

The need to handle these enormous baskets opens the way for ABRS. ‘Automated Batch Retort System’ (ABRS) refers to the fully automated integration of all hardware designed for transportation of baskets from loader station to sterilization retorts and from there on to an unload station and pack- aging area. The global handling system can be monitored by a basket/pallet tracking system.

DTS can offer you a complete turn-key solution for the implementation of an automated batch retort system: batch retorts, loader/unloader, basket/pallet transport system, tracking system with central host monitoring.

basket loading

Our basket loading/unloading technology can be used for rigid containers( metal can, glass jar, glass bottles). Besides, we offer tray loading/unloading and tray stacking/destacking for semi-rigid and flexible containers.

Full automatic loader unloaderSemi auto loader unloader Basket transport system

Different alternatives are available to transport full/empty baskets to/from the retorts, We can provide customized services according to customers' products and venues. Please consult our expert team for details.

Shuttle car

Automatic basket transport conveyor

System Software

Retort Monitoring Host (Option)

Developed by food scientists and process authorities

FDA/USDA approved and accepted

Use table or general method for deviation correction

Multiple level safety system

Retort Room Management

DTS retort monitoring control system is the result of full cooperation between our control system experts and thermal processing specialists. The functional intuitive control system meets or exceeds the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

Monitoring function:

Multi-level security system

Senior recipe edit

Table lookup method and mathematical method to calculate F0

Detailed process batch report

Key process parameter trend report

System alarm report

Display transaction report operated by operator

SQL Server database

Basket tracking system (Option)

The DTS basket tracking system assigns personalities to each basket in the system. This allows operators and managers to immediately view the status of the retort room. The system tracks the whereabouts of each basket and does not allow unsterilized products to be unloaded. In case of abnormal conditions (such as baskets with different products or unsterilized products at unloader), QC personnel are required to review and confirm whether to release marked products.

Screen visualization provides a good system overview of all the baskets, so that only a small number of operators can keep an eye on multiple retort systems.

DTS basket tracking system enables you to:

strictly distinguishes between sterilized and unsterilized products

specifies the personality for each basket

tracks all the baskets in the system in real time

tracks the hoops' dwell time deviation

is not allowed to unload unsterilized products

tracks the number of containers and production code

tracks the basket state (i.e., unprocessed, empty, etc.)

tracks retort number and batch number

System efficiency and maintenance (Option)

DTS system efficiency software helps you keep your retort room running efficiently by tracking production speed, downtime, source of downtime, key submodule performance, and overall equipment efficiency.

tracks productivity through a customer-defined time window and each module (i.e. loader, trolley, transport system, retort, unloader)

key sub-module performance tracking (i.e., basket replacement on loader)

tracks downtime and identifies the source of downtime

efficiency metrics can be moved to large factory monitors and can be used for cloud-based remote monitoring

The OEE metric that records on the host is used for record saving or table conversion


Maintainer  is a software module that can be added to a machine HMI or run separately on an office PC.

Maintenance personnel track the wear time of key machine parts and inform operators of planned maintenance tasks. It also allows machine operators to access machine documentation and maintenance technical instructions through operator HMI.

The end result is a program that helps plant personnel track maintenance and repair machines effectively.

Maintainer function:

alerts plant personnel to expired maintenance tasks.

allows people to see the part number of a service item.

displays a 3D view of the machine components in need of repair.

shows all technical instructions related to these parts.

displays the service history on the part.

Advantages compared with traditional horizontal retorts: 40% saving of the floor space High automatic level, one man operation Large handling capacity, even sterilization effect Core components are all selected excellent brands to ensure the stable operation of the whole set of equipment

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