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Steam Retort

Steam Retort

Product features:

1.High degree of automation

2.Pure water sterilization

3.Indirect heating and cooling, no secondary pollution

4.Suitable for various kinds of packages

5.Perfect pressure control, suitable for air - containing packages

6.The main components of the control system are imported from Japan and Europe countries

7.Retort used intelligent temperature control system

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  • Steam Retort

Steam sterilizer

Scope of application:

used saturated steam to sterilize packaged food. It is suitable for the canned meat, canned beverages, canned fruit and vegetable products, glass bottles of fruit and vegetable products, and other products, such as lunch meat, fermented fish, sardines, canned beef, coconut milk, walnut, white gourd tea, sea buckthorn beverage, canned asparagus, sweet bean sauce and so on.

Equipment features:

The equipment's steam distribution pipe and exhaust pipe layout are strictly designed and produced according to FDA requirements.

The saturated steam is dynamic flow in retort, heat distribution is uniform, the sterilization effect is good.

The structure of retort is simple, easy to install and also be durable.

Used Steam to sterilize, save water and energy , high thermal efficiency.

The product package appearance is clean, no residue, do not need to scrub, do not need pure water, lessen the labor. Steam retort is suitable for the areas with poor water quality.

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