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Water Immersion Retort

Water Immersion Retort

DTS is the leading sterilization equipment manufacturer in China with the focus on leading-edge batch retorts, continuous retorts, static retorts and rotary retorts. We try our best to provide clients in such industries as food, beverage and pharmacy with effective sterilization solutions. Our company can provide retort for sterilizing heat resistant bottles and flexible packaging bag.

These water immersion retorts with satisfactory features are unlikely to let you down.

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  • Water Immersion Retort
  • Water Immersion Retort
  • Water Immersion Retort


1. Hot water is stored in upper kettle and food heating is very rapid.

2. Due to full water immersion, heat can penetrate into products all around.

3. Products can avoid air contact during the whole process, leading to zero cold air in kettle. The optimized water circulating system ensures balanced heat distribution in kettle.

4. Peak pressure value can be avoided by controlling back pressure via stream inlet and outlet, largely reducing packaging material damage.

5. Smooth and rapid cooling helps avoid thermal shock and peculiar smell.

6. The water immersion retorts incorporate fully-automatic control system. The whole sterilization process is totally controlled by computerized PLC, allowing you to get everything done at one time without manual operation.

7. The water immersion sterile equipment also integrates the function of F value measurement, but the F value tester is optional.

8. Newly-designed fluid switch device successfully keeps cold point in kettle to a minimum and temperature accuracy for sterilization within ±0.5 °C, effectively avoiding over-steaming and halfway sterilization.

9. The static batch retorts possess the functions of hot water recycling and replacement.

Technical Parameters

Retort chamber lengthmm240024003200360040003600450040005000
Overall lengthmm390040004800500054005200610064007400
Overall widthmm150018001800180018001900190021002100
Overall heightmm31003300330033003300350035004100400
Effective volume2.
Steam consumptionkg/batch390570710815870940115013801700
Design temperature145°C
Test pressure0.44MPa
Design pressure0.35MPa

Process Flow Chart

Water Immersion Retort


The water immersion retorts are suitable for various heat resistant packaging materials.

1. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle

2. Soft pouch: aluminum-foil pouch, transparent pouch, vacuum pouch, high temperature retort pouch, etc.

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