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We will take part in 2019 ALLPACK INDONESIA

Oct. 21, 2019

our booth No. is HALL-A2-AL039.

The predecessor of DTS was founded in China in 2001. In the year of 2015 and 2016, we cooperated with Italy Laveti and Gemany Innova. We introduced their technology and produce in China DTS. So we have high quality and lower price.

DTS is the most influential supplier of retort equipment in the food and beverage industry in Asia. Our goal is to become the top international brand in food sterilization industry. We have highly experienced and talent mechanical engineers, design engineers and electrical software development engineers. It is our aim and responsibility to provide the best products and services as well as excellent working environment for our customers. We love what we do, and we fully understand that our value lies in helping customers create value. To this end, we are cautious to develop and design various flexible and customized solutions to meet different customer needs through well communication.

The main products of DTS include batch retort, vertical crateless continuous sterilization line, hydrostatic pressure continuous sterilizer, automatic loading and unloading basket system, automatic conveyor system. For the past 18 years, DTS has provided the customers from over 25 countries with more than 100 whole line turnkey projects for food sterilization, 5800 sets of batch sterilizer, 65 vertical crateless continuous sterilization lines, and 1 set of hydrostatic pressure continuous sterilization unit.

With these achievements in 18 years, we have earned solid trust from our customers through our professional teams driven by common belief, continuous innovation and research spirit, with rich experience, cautious work attitude and the spirit striving for excellence. It also resulted from the excellent leaders who can understand, predict, plan, and drive market demand and innovation.

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