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Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer

Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer

Range Of Application Of Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer:

It is used for processing foods such as sweetened bean paste, fruit mash, jam or traditional Chinese medicine etc. with high viscosity cooking and vacuum compressing.

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  • Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer

Features of Horizontal Vacuum Cooking Mixer:

U shape mixer body of the machine is vacuumized from the top, bushing uses steam heating, combined transmission of stepless speed change, worm wheel and speed reducer increases torque of cross axle mixing, with polyvinyl chloride clapper mixer, during material turnover and mixing, full contact between mixer and pan body ensures no mixing dead angle. Uncovering, discharging and resetting of pan body use hydraulic and mechanic transmission control, convenient to operate. Vacuum frying can lower frying temperature, especially suitable for frying thermal sensitive raw material, avoiding color and taste change of raw materials. It increases frying efficency, reduces energy consumption,and shortens frying time.

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