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Measuring Heat Distribution During Sterilization and Pasteurization

Controlling the key elements of heat, time, pressure and dynamics is the key to effective and efficient sterilization and pasteurization of food products. Every part of every can, jar, tray or pouch must reach the required temperature for the required time to achieve secure sterilization or pasteurization.

To achieve adequate heat penetration through every product in the retort it is essential to have efficient heat distribution otherwise some products will be overcooked while others, positioned in cold spots within the retort, wait to achieve the required temperature.

Sterilization retort

Data Transfer Device


Main Data Line and Six Way Data Line


13 Pieces of Temperature Recorder

We’ve placed 13 temperature records from 1# to 13#, 3# of which wasn’t read out for technical faults, and 13# was placed beside the temperature sensor.

Sterilization retort
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