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Equipment Features

Jun. 23, 2017

1.Thanks to its fan system, the steam-air retort doesn't need to drive air by steam any more as the fan rotation can break the cold air and force steam 10 travel parallelly with trays. Thus steam can circulate horizon-tally and evenly In retort to guarantee faster heat penetration and more uniform sterilization effect.

2. As there is no preheating during sterilization process, thus it Saves the start the time and greatly reduces the cycle time of sterilization.

3. As no need of process water for heating and sterilization and no need of steam to heat the process water, so it can greatly save steam and water.

4.The fan in retort forces the steam traveling from one end the tank to the other end, so it can perfectly reach all the producls and always keep the steam evenly circulate in retort to ensure good sterilization effect without cold point.

5.The steam & air relort is more flexlble and accurate in pressυre and temperature control, and it can adopt coυnter pressure for cooling; so its application is broader and is applicable to flexible packaging, bottles, cans, high temperature resistant plastic as well alumnlum packaging.

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