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Common problems and solutions for sterilization retort

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Any kind of device will appear in the course of this or that problem, a problem is not terrible, the key is the correct way to solve the problem.Below we briefly introduce the common problems and solutions of several sterilization retort.

1. Because the water level is wrong, the water temperature is high or low, the drainage failure, etc., it is necessary to adopt correct treatment methods according to different problems.

2. The sealing ring is aging, leaking or broken. This requires careful inspection before use and timely replacement of the sealing ring. Once a break occurs, the operator should proceed decisively or replace it under the premise of ensuring stable temperature and pressure.

3. Sudden power outage or gas outage When encountering this kind of situation, carefully observe the operating status of the retort, make a registration, and complete the sterilization when supply recovery. If the supply is stopped for a long time, you need to take out the products in the retort and save it, and then continue to work while waiting for supply recovery.