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Measure of preventing corrosion of retort

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In the process of food production, sterilization is a key process to ensure food hygiene and safety, and autoclave is one of the common sterilization equipment. It has a vital influence in food enterprises. As per the various root cause of retort corrosion, how to deal with it in the specific application?


1. Retort is one of the high-pressure vessel, but according to the characteristics of the actual operation and process technology, it belong to the high-pressure vessel that bears the alternating load and frequent intermittent actual operation. In order to avoid corrosion, it’s necessary to improve safety management and formulate scientific and standardized operation standards and safety work countermeasures.

2. Retort installation, can let the retort body have a certain angle (slope from back ot front), to ensure reasonable sewage treatment.

3. Strengthen management, immediately eliminate the waste water or waste in retort, and keep dry and clean inside the vessel.

4. In order to low the oxygen content in the retort, the heating furnace water supply and drainage equipment need to be installed. The time of inlet and outlet of the feeding machine should be as short as possible.

5. In the usual operation process, when push the hard object such as iron cone, should minimize the impact of friction with the shell.

6. The outer slide rail of the retort should be properly placed to prevent collision with the retort body. In additional, the outer slide rail should be possiblly as high and wide as the rail inside the retort, and the gap should be as small as possible to ensure the stability of the feeding machine, when the basket/tray inlet and out the retort.


In the case of sterilization retort corrosion, we should adopt accurate and reasonable preventive measures, but also need to deal with various shortcoming in time according to regular inspection, and remove its safety risks.