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Direct Steam Retort,autoclave,canned retort,retort in food industry,retort machine,retort,sterilization,sterilizer,The Saturated Steam Retort is the oldest method of in-container sterilization used by human. For tin can sterilization, it’s the simplest and most reliable type of retort. It is inherent in the process that all air be evacuated from the retort by flooding the vessel with steam and allowing the air to escape through vent valves.There is no overpressure during the sterilization phases of this process, since air is not permitted to enter the vessel at any time during any sterilization step. However, there may be air-overpressure applied during the cooling steps to prevent container deformation.



Working Principle

Load the full loaded basket into Retort, close the door. The retort door is locked through triple safety interlock to guarantee the safety. The door is mechanically locked throughout the whole process.

The sterilization process is automatically carried out according to the recipe of the input micro processing controller PLC.

In the beginning, steam is injected into the retort vessel through the steam spreader pipes, and air escape through vent valves. When both time and temperature conditions established in the process are met simultaneously, the process advance to come-up phase.In the whole come-up and sterilization phase, retort vessel is filled with saturated steam without any residual air in case of any uneven heat distribution and insufficient sterilization. The bleeders must be open for the entire vent, come-up, cooking step so that the steam can form convection to ensure the temperature uniformity.


Uniform heat distribution

By removing the air in the retort vessel, the purpose of saturated steam sterilization is achieved. Therefore, in the end of come-up vent phase, the temperature in the vessel reaches a very uniform state.

Comply with FDA/USDA certification

DTS has experienced thermal verification experts and is a member of IFTPS in the United States. It fully cooperates with FDA-approved third-party thermal verification agencies. The experience of many North American customers has made DTS familiar with FDA/USDA regulatory requirements and cutting-edge sterilization technology.

Simple and reliable

Compared with other forms of sterilization, there is no other heating medium for the come-up and sterilization phase, so only the steam needs to be controlled to make the batch of products consistent. FDA has explained the design and operation of the steam retort in detail, and many old canneries have been using it, so customers know the working principle of this type of retort, making this type of retort easy for old users to accept.

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Packing type


Applicable fields

    Beverages(vegetable protein, tea, coffee)

    Vegetable and fruit(mushroom, vegetables, beans)

    Meat, poultry

    Fish, seafood


    Ready to eat food, porridge

    Pet food

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