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Water spray rotary retort

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Water spray rotary retort,autoclave,canned retort,retort in food industry,retort machine,retort,sterilization,sterilizer,The water spray rotary sterilization retort uses the rotation of the rotating body to make the contents flow in the package. Heat up and cool down by the heat exchanger, so the steam and cooling water will not contaminate the product, and no water treatment chemicals are needed. The process water is sprayed onto the product through the water pump and the nozzles distributed in the retort to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Accurate temperature and pressure control can be suitable for a variety of packaged products.


Put the product into the sterilization retort, cylinders are individually compressed and close the door. The retort door is secured by triple safety interlocking. Throughout the whole process, the door is mechanically locked.

The sterilization process is automatically carried out according to the recipe input to the micro-processing controller PLC.

Keep an appropriate amount of water at the bottom of the retort. If necessary, this part of water can be injected automatically at the beginning of the heating up. For hot-filled products, this part of water can be preheated first in the hot water tank and then injected. During the entire sterilization process, this part of water is repeatedly circulated by the pump through the water distribution pipe and nozzles distributed in the retort, and the water is sprayed in the form of a mist and evenly distributed in the retort to heat the product. This ensures an even distribution of heat.

Equip the spiral-tube heat exchanger for the sterilization retort and at the heating and cooling stages, the process water passes through one side, and the steam and cooling water pass through the other side, so that the sterilized product will not directly contact the steam and cooling water to realize aseptic heating and cooling.

Throughout the whole process, the pressure inside the retort is controlled by the program by feeding or discharging compressed air through the automatic valve to the retort. Due to water spray sterilization, the pressure in the retort is not affected by temperature, and the pressure can be set freely according to the packaging of different products, making the equipment more widely applicable (three-piece cans, two-piece cans, flexible packaging bags, glass bottles, plastic packaging etc.).

When the sterilization process is finished, an alarm signal will be issued. At this time, the door can be opened and unloaded. Then prepare to sterilize the next batch of products.

The uniformity of temperature distribution in the retort is +/-0.5, and the pressure is controlled at 0.05Bar. During the whole process, the rotation speed and time of the rotating body are determined by the sterilization process of the product.

Accurate temperature control, excellent heat distribution:

The temperature control module (**** system) developed by DTS has up to 12 stages of temperature control, and the step or linearity can be selected according to different product and process recipe heating modes, so that the repeatability and stability between batches of products are maximized well, the temperature can be controlled within ±0.5℃.

Perfect pressure control, suitable for a variety of packaging forms:

The pressure control module (**** system) developed by DTS continuously adjusts the pressure throughout the whole process to adapt the internal pressure changes of the product packaging, so that the degree of deformation of the product packaging is minimized, regardless of the rigid container of tin cans, aluminum cans or plastic bottles, plastic boxes or flexible containers can be easily satisfied, and the pressure can be controlled within ±0.05Bar.

Highly clean product packaging:

The heat exchanger is used for indirect heating and cooling, so that the steam and cooling water are not in contact with the process water. The impurities in the steam and cooling water will not be brought to the sterilization retort, which avoids the secondary pollution of the product and does not require water treatment chemicals (No need to add chlorine), and the service life of the heat exchanger is also greatly extended.

Compliant with FDA/USDA certificate:

DTS has experienced thermal verification experts and is a member of IFTPS in the United States. It fully cooperates with FDA-approved third-party thermal verification agencies. The experience of many North American customers has made DTS familiar with FDA/USDA regulatory requirements and cutting-edge sterilization technology.

Energy saving and environmental protection:

A small amount of process water is quickly circulated to quickly reach the predetermined sterilization temperature.

Low noise, create a quiet and comfortable working environment.

Unlike pure steam sterilization, there is no need to vent before heating, which greatly saves steam loss and saves about 30% of steam.

The rotating system has a simple structure and stable performance:

The rotating body structure is processed and formed at a time, and then balanced treatment is performed to ensure the stability of the rotation

The roller system uses an external mechanism as a whole for processing. The structure is simple, easy to maintain, and greatly extend the service life.

The pressing system adopts double-way cylinders to automatically divide and compact, and the guide structure is stressed to prolong the service life of the cylinder.

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Packing type

    Tin can

    Aluminum can, aluminum bottle

    Plastic bottles, cups

    Glass jars, cans


Applicable fields

    Drinks (vegetable protein, tea, coffee)

    Dairy products

    Vegetables and fruits (mushrooms, vegetables, beans)

    Baby food

    Ready-to-eat meals

    Pet food

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