• Double layer tray

    Double layer tray,autoclave,canned retort,retort in food industry,retort machine,retort,sterilization,sterilizer,The double-layer tray is a kind of food tray with high efficiency, energy saving and good heat distribution developed by dts based on accurate data calculation and a large amount of experimental data. the features are as follow:
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  • Hybrid layer pad

    Hybrid layer pad,autoclave,canned retort,retort in food industry,retort machine,retort,sterilization,sterilizer,The hybrid layer pad is specifically designed to securely hold irregularly shaped bottles or containers during rotating. it is consisted of silica and aluminum-magnesium alloy, which produced by a special molding process. the heat resistance of the hybrid layer pad is 150 deg. it can also eliminate the uneven press caused by the unevenness of the container seal, and it will greatly improve the scratch problem caused by the rotation for two-piece cans. the edge of the hybrid layer pad can be equipped with the suction picking points which can realize the automatically loading unloading by the loader&unloader.
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  • Layer divider

    Layer divider,autoclave,canned retort,retort in food industry,retort machine,retort,sterilization,sterilizer,Layer divider plays the role of spacing when products are loaded into basket, effectively prevent the product from friction and damage at the connection of each layer in the process of stacking and sterilization process.
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